Fish Production

Semi intensive
Tilapia are stocked in production ponds at 3-5cm and reared for 7-10 months. Stocking varies from 4m2 to 6.67 as determined by the carrying capacity of the pond based on the period of rearing, feed quality, ration, water management and period of rearing. When feeding with 25% Crude protein in greened water tilapia grow up to 100g in three months.

Learn more about our Nile Tilapia and Catfish fingerling product:

Tilapia fingerling production

Catfish Fingerling production

Ornamental fish
Mwea fish farm has ornamental brooders for production of Goldfish, Shubukin, American guppy and sword tail. The target is to diversify into other ornamental species such as zebra fish and coy carp.