Nile tilapia Fingerling production

Females Nile tilapias are stocked with males at a ratio of 2 to 1 in Ten breeding liner ponds so as to produce 10,000 fry per month as required by farmers for stocking their ponds. This production will total to 100,000 per month or 1.2 million sex-reversed fry annually for at least three years rising to 2 million per year by the fifth year.

To sustain this production, it is estimated that 200 females stocked will each produce 200 eggs each per spawn. This will produce 40,000 eggs per spawn translating to 400,000 eggs from ten ponds in a month. Assuming that only 50% will hatch this will bring the total to 200,000 fry. Assuming the worst-case scenario and without aeration, fingerling production will be 50% of the fry hatched. This projects fingerling production at 100,000 per month thus giving a total of 1.2 Million sex reversed fingerlings in one year from 3,000 parents (2,000 females and 1,000 males).