Another Bumper Harvest From Teso

The fish were harvested from Mr. James Paddy of Osajai cluster in Teso North District.
The fingerlings of the monosex male tilapia were sourced from Wakhungu Fish Farm and stocked on the 2nd May 2012 in an earthen pond under semi- intensive culture system. The ponds were fertilized using manure, two weeks prior to stocking. The stocked fry fed on the phytoplanktons and zooplanktons for one month, and were thereafter introduced to peleted floating industrially manufactured feeds for 257 days. At the time of stocking, the average weight of the fry was about 3 g, whereas at the time of harvesting on 13th February 2013, the biggest fish was weighing 1.066 Kg, followed by 0.923 Kg and the average weight was 0.8 Kg.

The biggest harvest from Mr. James Paddy, of Osajai Cluster Taso District weighing 1.066 Kg. The fingerlings were stocked on 2nd May 2012 and harvested on 13th February 2013. The only major problem the farmer faced was theft of fish from the pond a week prior to harvesting. This was a great loss to the farmer in that almost 90 % of the fish were stolen. The remaining fish were each sold at Kshs. 250.

Mr. Silas Ichelai (right), the Chairman of Osajai Cluster, holding one of the ‘giant’ tilapia harvested from Mr. James Paddy fish pond. The Fish Farming Extension Officer Mr. Owen W. Wanyanja i(left) s looking on.