Farm Products Prices

Hatchery items

Artemia Kshs 5,000 per tin

Ovaprim – Kshs 5,000 per vial

Tilapia feeds

Size (Diameter)Cost (Ksh)
0.2 mm 450/kg
0.3 mm 450/kg
0.5 mm 450/kg
0.7 mm 450/kg
3.0 mm 185/kg

Farm formulated feeds Kshs 150/kg

Catfish fingerlings and adult fish

DetailsCost (Ksh)
2 weeks 3.00
3-4 weeks 5.00
5-6 weeks 7.00
7-8 weeks 10.00
12 weeks 15.00
I kg 380/kg

Tilapia fingerlings and market size fish

ItemCost (Ksh)
Monosex 10.00
Mixed sex 7.00
300-500g 380-400/kg

We have Aquaria for Sale

30-50lts volume @ Kshs 20,000
Netting materials — various sizes

Attachment Kshs 1,000 per month from all institutions
Training fee of Kshs 1,200 and Accommodation of Kshs 600.00 per day
Accommodation will not include meals at all

Farm visit charges:
1-10 farmers @ Kshs 500 each
11-24 farmers @ Kshs 300 each
25 or more @ Kshs 200 each

Tertiary students @ Kshs 100 each
Secondary students @ Kshs 50 each
Primary pupils @ Kshs 20 each

Prices for farm produce such as Bananas, Pawpaw, kale, Avocado, Goats, Rabbits, tomatoes, Dania etc are negotiable.

All products and services are subject to availability. We will make our best efforts to inform you as soon as possible if the products and/or services you have ordered are not available or if shipment may be delayed. All prices are subject to change based on the prevailing market rates and without notification.